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Basic Skills

Preparing Your Diabetes Kit

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Your diabetes kit should have all of the supplies needed to take care of diabetes when you leave home.  It is recommended to have a kit that you carry with you every day and a larger kit for overnight or longer stays.

Your Every Day Kit:


CGM Receiver/Reader       

Blood Glucose Meter

Test Strips

Lancing Device



Insulin Vial or Pen

Syringes or Pen Needles  

Alcohol Wipe

Fast Acting Carb






Additional Items for the Overnight Kit


Replacement CGM supplies


Replacement Pump supplies      


Extra Battery for Pump





Zofran (Ondansetron) for vomiting         



You’ll need a bag to carry all of these supplies.  The good news is, you have many options.  Small backpacks can be found at stores like Target or Claires or at online diabetes supply stores like Myabetic, Sugar Medical, Pump Wear and Fifty50 Medical (half of their profits fund diabetes research).  Since this is a bag that your child will take everywhere, choose something that suits their style as there are many fashionable options available.


Updated 5/20/19

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