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Next Generation CGMs

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CGMs of the future will be smaller, more accurate and not require calibration.  The next generation of CGM is already here.

Imagine not having to do a fingerstick to measure blood glucose.  The Dexcom G6 CGM is currently available and does not require a fingerstick.  Also, the Abbott Libre, a flash monitoring system, has a sensor and a reader.  You wave the reader over the sensor and it tells you your blood glucose number. Like a CGM, it also gives you a trend arrow.  So when it is downloaded, you can see all of your blood glucose values and not just the ones where the reader was used.

We have already seen the first implantable CGM and it’s currently available in Europe.   Eversense, provided by Senseonics, has an implantable sensor that lasts up to 90 days.  The future, however, seems to be moving towards devices that are non-invasive. There are CGMs in currently in development that can lay on your skin or attach to your earlobe to detect glucose levels.  And even, Google is involved in creating new diabetes technology, by creating the first digital contact lens that can measure blood glucose levels from tears by changing color.


Updated 2/17/19/

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