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Say What?

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You’ve just moved away from home. You’re excited about the new possibilities. And then, you realize you are going to have to have “The Talk” about type 1 diabetes. While it may be difficult, or awkward, the truth is that the people in your life need to know at least the basics about type 1 diabetes.

What do they need to know?

  1. What type 1 diabetes is, and what is it not. This infographic from Beyond Type 1 might be helpful.
  2. Explain hypoglycemia, what causes it, and your symptoms. When you are comfortable, show them your glucagon kit.

Remember, it is better they have the information they need before you need help.

Who needs to know?

Friends, roommates, significant others, coworkers, bosses, and professors. Sound overwhelming? It can be. But keep it simple and stick to the basics.

In the end, if someone close to you doesn’t understand type 1 diabetes, then they can’t really know you. Give them that opportunity.

How do you have “The Talk?”

Be yourself. Be patient. Remember that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. While you might feel compelled to set the record straight, keep your sense of humor.

If you are nervous, consider rehearsing what you are going to say in front of a mirror.

Keep in mind that the person you are telling might be frightened or overwhelmed, so try to calm their fears and reassure them that they are talking to an expert.

There are some great resources out there that can be accessed from the links below.


Updated 2/17/19

Disclaimer:  This document is not intended to take the place of the care and attention of your personal physician or other professional medical services. Our aim is to promote active participation in your care and treatment by providing information and education. Questions about individual health concerns or specific treatment options should be discussed with your physician.


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Sources of Support


Both the College Diabetes Network (CDN) and Beyond Type 1 share useful resources on how to have “the talk” with your roommate.

JDRF: Whether its with friends, roommates, or co-workers, the JDRF provides a guide on how to communicate about your diabetes with others.