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Glucose Monitoring

Abbott Freestyle Libre

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Abbot’s Freestyle Libre uses flash glucose monitoring, and the data are available by “waving” the receiver or a compatible iPhone (series 7 or later) within 1.5 inches of the sensor. No finger stick blood glucose calibration is required for the FreeStyle Libre. There are currently 2 versions of the Libre available:

  • 10-Day: 12 hour warm up
  • 14-Day: 1 hour warm up

The Abbott Libre is FDA approved for people over the age of 18, and can be used to make treatment decisions. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) does not interfere with the sensor. If an iPhone is used as the receiver, data can be shared with followers and linked to the diabetes clinic. To be sure there are no gaps in the data, the reader should be waved over the sensor at least every 8 hours.

The Libre is a disposable sensor and is easy to insert. The Libre is comparatively inexpensive (versus Dexcom or Medtronic sensors), and in some cases, has the same out of pocket cost as a blood glucose meter and test strips.

Note: The Libre does not have any alerts or alarms when glucose levels are below or above target range. The reader must be waved over the sensor to detect highs and lows.


Reviewed by Anastasia Albanese O’Neill, PhD, 7/15/19

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