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Insulin Delivery

MiniMed 670G

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MiniMed 670G by Medtronic is a hybrid-closed loop pump & CGM system. This pump has the ability to self-adjust basal insulin delivery to help keep glucose in range day and night. This allows for better outcomes and better glycemic control. The pump is waterproof (up to 24 hrs at 12 ft.).  The SmartGuard technology, along with the use of the Guardian™ Sensor 3 CGM, includes the features of “Suspend before Low” and “Auto Mode.” The Suspend before Low feature stops insulin delivery up to 30 minutes before reaching your preset low limits. It then automatically restarts insulin delivery when your levels recover without sending alerts. This helps you avoid lows and rebound highs.  The Auto Mode feature automatically and continuously adjusts basal insulin every 5 minutes based on the Guardian Sensor 3 CGM readings. This helps keep glucose levels in target range for fewer lows and highs.

The Guardian Sensor 3 CGM is easily inserted with a flexible design. It is accurate and reliable for up to 7 days wear. This CGM continuously lets you know where your glucose levels are and see their trends. It is the only sensor that is FDA approved to control a hybrid closed loop system.


Reviewed by Anastasia Albanese O’Neill, PhD, 7/15/19

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