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OmniPod is currently the only pump without tubing in the US. It has two pieces – a pod and the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM).   The pod is small patch-like device that contains the insulin and it is disposable.  It is fairly flat, easy to insert, and can be worn for 3 days.  It is also waterproof, so it can be worn while showering or swimming.  The PDM serves as a glucose meter and a wireless transmitter to control the functions of the pod.  The pod delivers basal insulin continuously, but it will not deliver insulin to cover food or for corrections if the PDM is not nearby.

The Omnipod DASH system is an updated system. It includes the waterproof Pod along with a simple to use touch-screen, bluetooth-enabled DASH Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM).  The DASH PDM looks like an android smartphone, and like a phone, it is not waterproof.  The pods communicate with the DASH PDM using Bluetooth.  The DASH communicates with the Pod to allow the user to deliver insulin, and Pods can be worn up to three days.


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Reviewed by Anastasia Albanese O’Neill, PhD, 1/13/20

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