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The KAT-1 diabetes knowledge instrument is available below. The KAT-1 can be used to assess type 1 diabetes knowledge in children, adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes and their parent caregivers. Armed with the right knowledge and skills, youth with type 1 diabetes are more likely to achieve clinical targets and enjoy improved quality of life.

We welcome collaborative efforts to update the KAT-1 instrument to ensure it remains current as guidelines in diabetes care and education change. We also welcome partnerships to modify and validate the instrument for use in other populations (e.g., adults with type 1 diabetes) and in different clinical contexts (e.g., primary care).

The KAT-1 sub-scales include:

Scale 1: Nutrition
Scale 2: Activity
Scale 3: Supplies and Insurance
Scale 4: Hypoglycemia
Scale 5: Sick Days and Ketones
Scale 6: Basic Management
Scale 7: Insulin and Calculating Insulin Doses
Scale 8: Complications
Scale 9: Diabetes Pathophysiology
Scale 10: Diabetes Technology and Devices
Scale 11: Diabetes at School