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At the Beach or Pool

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There are also challenges when you are at the beach and/or pool. The heat is a challenge and while in the water the device can fall off. Moreover, if you’re in murky water, you may not be able to retrieve the device.  The best recommendation is to take the device off. Check with the manufacturer for their recommendations for beach and pool use. Some devices are disposable so that if it’s lost, it’s not a large hardship (as compared to a device that is not disposable). Replacing a lost or damaged device can be very expensive.


Recommendations for beach or pool:

  1. Take your device off;

Follow Pump-off protocol:

  • You must reattach your pump every 1-2 hours at most;
  • You must replace the basal insulin you missed. If not, you are at a risk for ketones; and,
  • Check blood sugar frequently if not wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM);
  1. If you leave your device on while swimming, tuck your device under your swimwear. Ensure the device’s tape is on securely. Apply additional tape, if needed;
  2. Consider replacing your pump with long acting insulin and needles, if you will be on the sand and water for vacation; and,
  3. Talk to your doctor about your needs for the beach or pool.


When first choosing a device, your lifestyle may be a deciding factor. Select the technology/device that would suit your needs the best.


The important aspect is to set expectations for your day or vacation on the beach. Have fun and enjoy your day. This may be a day that you will not achieve perfect numbers, but it’s important to be diligent and to pay attention to your numbers.  Remember to talk to your doctor about your needs for the beach or pool.


Updated 2/17/19

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