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Managing Parties & Events

By in Preschool

For parties and events that your child may attend it’s important to have perspective about the experience from your child’s point of view. The experience and the safety of the event should be the most important and diabetes management should be the second most important factor. At this early age, the parties and events are usually a short amount of time. Should any insulin corrections prove necessary, you’ll be able to make them after the event.

You can plan for the event by calling ahead to request the menu. This will allow you to have your plan in place. If your child is a picky eater, you can bring along something so that your child can eat. Indulge them with something they like but they don’t often get to eat.

It’s important to have your child eat what everyone else is eating at home and events. Don’t make a big deal of your child’s being different. Calling out the diabetes results in singling out your child out. You want to have your child feel like everyone else and that they belong.


Updated 2/17/19

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